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Innovations in Food

About Us
About Us

We are Food, Drink & Branding professionals who are world leading in terms of innovation and concept advancement. We develop and work on products for retail, foodservice & are able to provide everything from concept to launch. We have an incredible network of resource at our fingertips that we can open to our customers.

The Story

Innovation is the key driver to everything that we do. Yet in a world where tradition is valued more highly than change, it is fundamental to make sure that the innovation that we present can be at a level that the consumer can understand". Jonny Bingham and David Jones are two Chefs that have a wealth of culinary experience. Both come from Michelin backgrounds, both have run, owned and worked at critically acclaimed establishments and both have successfully transferred these skills into Product Development sphere. With a raft of products and dishes on the shelves of major retailers, their recipe dish knowledge is exceptional and second to none.The two boys have worked for separate blue chip suppliers of Supermarkets and throughout their career have had wins and losses against each other. However a twist of fate saw them working together on a project and it soon became clear that they were not only on the same page, but also that they were each others better side. This meant that any idea that one had would be augmented by the other and the final result was of something that was infinitely better than it’s origin.This symbiosis and collective understanding of the process has brought them both together as Bingham & Jones and this is a powerful force for any food business.

the story
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meet the team

Jonny Bingham


David Jones

Aaron Givon
Senior Developer

Glyn Yarnall
Development Chef


Steve Tyler
Branding Studio Manager


Jonathan Allen
Graphic Designer

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Tel Jones: +44 (0) 7939 112 830

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"Together they are incredibly creative as well as having a sympathetic approach to manufacturing, and a pragmatic eye on process and operations."


Neil Nugent - Executive Chef Iceland

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