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Pissky, Breast Milk Cheese and More, When Innovation goes too far...

At Bingham and Jones we strongly believe that innovation is a really good thing and we really strive to innovate during our design process on all levels but lately we’ve been seeing a range of new food products that are going way beyond the boundaries.

This for me started a while ago with the announcement of human breast milk being made into cheese and put on a menu in New York. ( Burdened with an oversupply of breast milk from his wife, a chef decided to create cheese and put it on his menu. Now this is pretty out there but then someone decided to make Whiskey using the urine of a diabetic.

All credit to the guy for using the outrageous headlines this thing produces as an awareness to for diabetes but the end product itself despite being purified is a bit hard to swallow. I am torn with both of these products, one side of me really wants to know what it tastes like and the other is simply grossed out by it all(

Along side this has been a small trend in producing blue food. ( Blue is an extremely unnatural colour in food and there is only a handful of truly blue foods. On top of this it is described as being an appetite suppressant and basically puts you off eating it. So if you don’t want to eat it…. Why make it in the first place? The whole discussion about the blue curry and other products remind me of the blue honey drama in France. The only thing that can be said in favour of the blue honey was at least it was an accident and came about when honey bees used waste from the production of M&M’s instead of flower pollen. (

My question to anyone that happens to read this is would you try these foods? Should we be making food out of human waste or by products? And finally where should the line be drawn when it comes to innovation?

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