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There is life! - The allotment story, Part 2

Last time on tales from the plot we had got our new seeds planted and were eagerly awaiting some form of life.

We planted a lot of stuff too... so we had some hope that we might get some things out of it.

As tempting as regular crops are, we are trying to keep it to some unusual food. We have never seen seeds like this before.

Our first signs of life!

The same tray a few days later.

Some stuff required heat to get going so we used a heated propogator to get them going.

The second tray took about a week longer to come to life.

The third tray we had planted are taking a fair bit longer to come to life but we can see small flecks of green starting to appear now.

The salad and other things planted directly into the polytunnel soil is starting to show too.

seems that spring has well and truly sprung so I think next time we will be planting out our first crops and hoping they survive the transfer.

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